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Welcoming Vegetarian Guests to Your Passover Seder

Vegetarians as a group already think before they eat, but Passover vegetarian food requires some extra effort. A traditional Seder meal usually includes gefilte fish, matzoh ball soup with chicken broth, brisket, and some sort of egg-laden dessert - not a vegetarian-friendly menu. Many vegetarian guests long ago resigned themselves to just charoses, matzoh, and salad at seder meals.

That's hardly filling or festive! If you're hosting vegetarian guests at your seder this year, don't worry. You can still serve traditional favorites and make sure that nobody leaves the table hungry. It's as easy as adding or modifying a dish or two.

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The Vegetarians Who Came To Dinner

Recipes and cooking tips for the holidays

Question: "What's Thanksgiving without Turkey?  Easter without ham or Passover without lamb?" 
Answer: Simply delicious!

If you're in charge of planning a big holiday meal for friends and family, then you're stressed enough already.  Finding out that a vegetarian or two or three is on the guest list may send you into a panic as you ask yourself:

        What do vegetarians eat anyway?

        Are they vegan or ovo-lacto or some other type of vegetarian?

        Do I have to cook two separate meals to keep everyone happy?

        Where can I find vegetarian holiday recipes?

Don't just wonder; call and ask! Your vegetarian guests will be happy to answer your questions and will probably offer to prepare and/or share their favorite recipes. Relax and remember that holidays should be more about family and friends than about food.

Check out these vegetarian recipes.  You'll be surprised by the many vegetarian alternatives to meat.

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