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Reasons Why People Become Vegetarian

The question "why choose vegetarianism?" has many valid answers. People choose to become vegetarians for many different reasons probably as many reasons as there are vegetarians!  But most vegetarians cite one or more of the following issues:  

  • Health concerns: A healthy vegetarian diet can decrease the risk and symptoms of many chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.
  • Religious restrictions: Hinduism and Buddhism hold vegetarianism as an ideal way to promote nonviolence and spiritual fulfillment.  If Kosher or Halal meat isn't available, observant Jews and Muslims keep a vegetarian diet.  Other religious groups that avoid meat include Seventh Day Adventists and Jains.
  • Environmental degradation:  Many environmentalists assert that the large-scale meat and poultry production is environmentally unsustainable.  They point to issues with water quality, waste disposal, overuse of antibiotics, and other concerns.
  • Animal rights issues:  Ethical vegetarians are concerned about animal cruelty.  Many animals live in truly abysmal conditions and are treated horribly prior to and during slaughter.
  • Food safety: Approximately 5,000 Americans die of food-borne diseases each year.  There have been many large-scale recalls of meat contaminated with e-coli and many local incidents where restaurant patrons were sickened by improperly cooked meat and eggs.

This once-exotic food choice is becoming more and more popular for many reasons.  Vegetarian kids and teenagers are often motivated by idealism and by the large number of famous and celebrity vegetarians, including Adam Carson of AFI, Larry Mullen, Jr. of U2, and pop singer, Pink.

Check out these vegetarian recipes.  You'll be surprised by the many vegetarian alternatives to meat.

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